“For me, Barbara With played the best music of the festival. Her music and personality were a seductive blend of urban earthiness, hip intelligence, street toughness, and touching vulnerability…” — Grand Forks Herald

“Barbara With is articulate, insightful and level-headed … musically gifted, ambitious and optimistic. She’s got a sense of humor and a realistic perspective …” — City Pages

“With is at her best doing singer/songwriter … she nicely translates guitar songs to piano, like Melissa Ethridge. She knows when to use the piano to spice things up …” —  Minneapolis Star Tribune

“She strutted into the coffeehouse, sat down at the piano and addressed the audience as if she were speaking to friends. Word got around, and the night performances were standing room only …” — Mankato State Reporter

“With her songs, her voice, and her piano, she leaves most other performers in the dust. She’s written many songs, and good ones, too. But that might not be the first thing you notice about her … the first thing you might notice is that she’s playing Springsteen. And she makes it work surprisingly with nothing but the baby grand behind her voice …” — Insider Magazine


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