innocentfuturefrontINNOCENT FUTURE is Barbara’s first release and also the soundtrack for her first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With The Angels. Filled with solid musical sensibilities, Innocent Future covers a gamut of modern pop genres: rock and roll guitars on Tribes and Let Go transition into the light solo acoustic guitar and vocal of Satellite, the introspective solo piano/vocals of Gravity, and a minor country-rock band on Telephone Call. Barbara’s rich vocal arrangements and intelligent writing deliver an inspirational message of hope for an Innocent Future.



SOLITAIRE is a collection of Barbara’s ballads and compositions from her work in the musical theater that highlight her talent for writing passionate, powerful music. From the dark gypsy circus music of I Walk the Sky, to the austere and sexy Messing With My Senses and the profound humiliation of Go Boldly, she captures the essence of a classical tone reminiscent of Phantom of the Opera, and other great music from the theater.


Download Barbara’s hit song from Quantum Leap Cover Me FREE

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